Map: Britain’s Top Restaurants (2017) Editions (Jan 2017)

Posted on: October 28th, 2016 by Simon Carter

This is a map that brings together the leading restaurants of Great Britain and Ireland according to three leading inspector-led guides 2017 editions (January 2017).  Each of the Guides outlined below provide data in publicly available press releases each year, or in the case of the AA Guide through cumulative twice yearly releases.  The points of note are as follows:

* The Waitrose Good Food Guide 2017 Top 50 are included and mapped.  The number in brackets next to the GFG score is the restaurant’s position within their top 50 list.

* The AA Restaurant Guide 2017 all 4 and 5 Rosette restaurants are mapped.

*The Michelin Guide 2017 all 2 and 3 Star restaurants are mapped.

Further points of note are as follows:

*The numbering of the labels is not significant and does not reflect any ranking, it is merely for convenience.

*There are many overlaps with these three mappings such that the final number of restaurants is 75.

Click on the expand icon on the right to go into google maps and use the full screen version.  Click on the icon on the left to see the menu of restaurants and their details.  Click on each number label on the map or on the menu on the left to see the scrollable restaurant details appear on the left hand side.