January 2009: Fine Dining Guide January Newsletter

Posted on: January 8th, 2009 by Simon Carter & Daniel Darwood

www.fine-dining-guide.com is pleased to announce the continued success of a free iTunes podcast series.  This month has, as you might imagine,  a heavy Michelin focus – our latest podcast, available free and exclusively on iTunes, is an  Interview with Derek Bulmer, Editor of Michelin.

You can access the podcast interview by typing “fine dining uk” in the main iTunes Store search box.

You can read the transcript of the previous episode: Michelin, Eating out in Pubs 2009.

As you may be aware, the Michelin press release for the 2009 Great Britain and  Ireland “Red” Guide was due to take place on Wednesday 21st January at 0800 via the www.michelin.co.uk website. Unfortunately a leak occured at the Michelin test site (being ‘hacked,’ probably some time Friday) forcing Michelin’s hand into publishing the release at around mid-day on Saturday 17th January

We updated our lists at Midnight Sunday morning to include the full listings of  Michelin GB&I Stars 2009 and Michelin Bib Gourmand Defined and Listing 2009.  We have also reproduced a significant part of the Michelin A to Z Press Kit.

The GB&I and London City Guides from Michelin are both available in the We were delighted that three former interviewees of www.fine-dining-guide.com received Michelin star recognition – namely Michael Wignall (The Latymer),  Will Holland (La Becasse) and Glynn Purnell (Purnell’s.  Jessicas at the time of the interview).

Bib Gourmand continues to be a success for the site with over 75% of internet searches on the subject (and the vast majority of correspondence and referrals) accounting for our traffic.

January also saw the AA Restaurant Guide publish their Rosette Update.

Since our last newsletter Michelin have expanded into Hong Kong and Macau and published update editions to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York  and Tokyo

The website is enjoying a record month for page views and we anticipate reaching over 25,000 page views for January.  Many thanks for visiting!

We have some exciting features planned for the coming months and look forward to bringing you these in due course.

Until next time, Happy Eating