Michelin Guide 2014: Interview Questions to Editors

Posted on: September 26th, 2013 by Simon Carter & Daniel Darwood

Below is a taster of questions put to the Michelin hierarchy in interviews this week.  Michael Ellis – International Director Michelin Guides – was available in London on September 25th for a one hour interview and Rebecca Burr will be interviewed on the afternoon of the 26th September in London.

Transcript of repsonses to follow:-

Questions for Michael Ellis (International Director Michelin Guides):-

What are your exact roles and responsibilities within Michelin?

Tell us some background about yourself?

How has the transition been from Jean-Luc Naret’s tenure?

What interesting trends do you see in dining in Europe and more specifically GBI and London?

How do you see Michelin comapred to ‘reader-led’ guides such as Trip Advisor, Zagat (Google +)?

How do you ensure a star in New York equals a star in Paris equals a star in Tokyo?

A distinct dining trend is to the “informal” and “accessible”, how does the guide reflect this trend?

What are the keys to staying relevant and solvent in the information age?

How do you feel about the fact that the top end chef world see Michelin as a career benchmarking objective?

Any plans for new city coverage?

A GB Finacial Times article a couple of years ago talked about the cost of the Guide…what about the value?

The UK Good Food Guide was recently sold by Which? to Waitrose (Major Food Store), any plans for Michelin PLC to sell “The Guide”?

Questions for Rebecca Burr (Editor Michelin Guides GB&I and Main Cities of Europe):-

How would you describe, using a paragraph for each: ‘What makes a restaurant with a Michelin star; two stars and three stars’?

How would you describe the general Michelin starred restaurant landscape in 2014?

How are restaurants fairing in the economic times?

Would it be too strong to suggest there has been a cultural shift toward dining out?

What is happening at the very top end of the market – three and two star?

What trends in dining do you see arising through 2013 and for the future (2014 and beyond)?

What’s new with Bib Gourmand?

The longer descriptions of the London Guide seem well received?

When is Main Cities of Europe due for publication and what can we expect?

What news of the Michelin Eating Out in Pubs Guide?

Are there any strategy changes in the pipeline?